Tamara Franks | 2 Poems: “there is no poetry in the now” & “you see me”

Nicholas Van Lott | 2 Poems: “Some Tree in Virginia” & “Graveyard”

Jennifer Cody | Poem: “Lever Du Soleil”

Mickey J. Corrigan | 3 Poems: “Everywhere Sky and Sea”, “Until Death”, & “Opening”

Anna Kennedy | Poem: “Old World”

Jason Bates | 2 Poems: “We’re On the Road to Messy” & “Dangerous is the Way Your Eyes Shine in the Deep”

Laura Thiessen | Poem: “So Long, Fare Thee Well” & Flash Fiction: “Hara-kiri”

Alexandra Twyford | 2 Poems: “It’s Not Important, Anymore” & “(Don’t) Think About”

Scott Thomas Outlar | Poem: “Sweet Explosion”

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