Issue One: Louis Gallo

A Late Elegy For Isabella Gardner

Fatally gorgeous, you lie in the narrow bed

Alone, moonlight drenching your sizzling bones.

Do you dream again of that milk man’s clink

Or have you had enough at last to drink?


Double Exposure

It’s one of those spontaneous shots

that came out wrong but better

because there you are at the bottom half

anchored to the green, fecund earth

of solid reality

and then the phase shift

diagonally down the middle, a

kind of schism or transition

from the Akron, Ohio

sort of reality

into a realm of luminous ,

glowing ether,

like the Kabbalah’s Adam Kadmon

exuding light in all directions,

an accidental bodhisattva,

still you but more than you,

your aura, the nimbus smear

subsuming your body.

So you slide the photo into a plastic

sleeve of the album you’re working on,

close the covers and think hard

on what it means to so drift

from one such dimension that other

and when it might happen

for good.


Louis Gallo’s work has appeared or will shortly appear in Southern Literary Review, Fiction Fix, Glimmer Train, Hollins Critic,, Rattle, Southern Quarterly, Litro, New Orleans Review, Xavier Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Missouri Review, Mississippi Review, Texas Review, Baltimore Review, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, The Ledge, storySouth,  Houston Literary Review, Tampa Review, Raving Dove, The Journal (Ohio), Greensboro Review,and many others.  Chapbooks include The Truth Change, The Abomination of Fascination and Status Updates. He is the founding editor of the now defunct journals,The Barataria Review and Books:  A New Orleans Review.  He teaches at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.



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